Trifecta Dark Blend Flavored Tobacco 250g

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Although made in the USA, this attention to tradition provides you with one-of-a-kind shisha tobacco. No other premium hookah brand offers you a strong, flavorful smoke for such a reasonable price. Check out our extensive selection of flavors!

The Trifecta series has received high praise from reviewers and the hookah community as a whole, so we're excited to have it on our shelves. They've produced two different lines of shisha tobacco that feature either robust dark leaves, or a sweet golden cut. The Trifecta Dark Blends are composed of burley tobacco leaves with rich flavoring, and they require no acclimation for an instant smoke right out of the jar. Dark leaf tobacco is not recommended for beginner smokers due to the stronger buzz, and heavier flavor profiles. We currently have a full range of Dark Blend flavors in 250 g and 1 kg size.

Trifecta's Blonde tobacco is similar to a modern cut of tobacco, the juicy blends can easily be prepared and enjoyed by any level of hookah smoker. Twice The Ice is first flavor that we'll feature from the collection, and we expect to see more flavors in the future. Be sure to let us know if you would like to be informed about new flavor arrivals by leaving a note on your order, or by simply contacting us.

Trifecta Dark Blend Shisha offers you a smoke unlike any other. Trifecta Dark Blend Hookah Tobacco uses a mix of raw full-bodied cut French Virginia tobacco leaves and pure sugar cane molasses. This gets you a smooth smoke with big, fluffy smoke clouds and robust flavors. You simply can't get this kind of smoke experience from any other brand.

We sell this premium shisha solely in 250g size containers to get you the most for your money. Good for about 10 to 15 smoke sessions, they're sure to be some of the best you've ever had! Make sure you keep enough in stock for several hookah parties. The last thing you would want is to run out when the hookah's getting good!

Trifecta Tobacco is known for creating some of the most authentic tastes in the industry. Browse the full list of Trifecta Tobacco flavors, available for your smoking pleasure. There's a taste for every discerning palate. From the sharp yet refreshing Death by Ice to the doubly-good taste of Pulp Friction, Trifecta Shisha offers you the real deal. Flavors like Lavender Mint, Morning Glory, Pearfect, and Deja Dew are the real deal.

Robust, full, and authentic - all of these describe Trifecta shisha. Get yours today and see why Trifecta Tobacco is taking the hookah world by storm!