Starbuzz Serpent Flavored Tobacco 100g

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Founded in 2005, Starbuzz Serpent PremiumFlavored Tobacco is one of the most prominent names in modern hookah tobacco - love it or hate it, everyone knows who Starbuzz is. They focus on unique flavor combinations that are smooth and sweet and have plenty of juice to produce those fluffy clouds we all find ourselves chasing. In 2017, they released their Serpent line which is another fine cut dark leaf tobacco like Vintage except this one is kettle cured. It is not nearly as robust as the Vintage so it is a nice in between for people who want to transition into smoking darker leaf tobaccos.

Starbuzz has a huge variety to choose from and their 100 gram pouches are perfect for allowing Hookah users to sample and experience an assortment of tobacco flavors at an affordable price. The packaging on these have stunning graphics with a sealed inner package. It is a resealable pouch so make sure to store it at room temperature so that it maintains its freshness.

Starbuzz Serpent is middle of the road as far as juiciness is concerned so it can be packed in any style bowl such as an egyptian clay bowl or phunnel bowl It is a higher nicotine content tobacco and is a finely cut dark leaf so it can be packed dense to control the amount of nicotine intake per draw but has the best flavor results when it is packed at a semi-dense level or just slightly looser. Just sprinkle it in and add a fair amount of extra tobacco before nudging it down to a semi-dense level that still has some airflow and buoyancy. It is not overly heat sensitive so it is suggested to start with 2-3 hookah coals depending on the size of yourhookah bowl you are using and work your way up