Starbuzz E-Hose

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Starbuzz Tobacco is well known in the US market for its unique flavors and intense smoking experience. Now you can enjoy some of your favorite Hookah flavors from Starbuzz Tobacco while on the go with the new Starbuzz E-Hose Flavor Cartridges. These electronic flavor cartridges are designed for use with the Starbuzz E-Hose and produce a flavored smoke-like vapor similar to a real Hookah but without the fire, ash, odor, or chemical substances. The Starbuzz E-Hose accepts multiple flavor cartridges at the same time, allowing for unique flavor combinations and mixes to be created just like mixing flavors with a traditional Hookah. Starbuzz E-Hose Refill Flavor Cartridges come in packs of 4 and are 100% Tobacco Free, Tar Free and Nicotine Free, lasting up to approximately 1000 Puffs.

Instructions for using the Starbuzz E-Hose Flavor Cartridges:
1. Remove the plastic caps from both ends of the E-Hose Flavor Cartridge.
2. Screw up to two different E-Hose Flavor Cartridges into the Starbuzz E-Hose.
3. Breathe in the smooth and enjoyable flavors from Starbuzz and enjoy!