Starbuzz Discovery American Made Hookah Stem 28" Tall

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The Starbuzz Discovery Hookah Stem is proudly made in the USA of surgical grade stainless steel and space grade aluminum metals. This American Made Hookah Stem is a game changer, as the surgical grade stainless steel down tube is completely resistant to ghosting, keeping flavors pure in between flavor changes with no scrubbing action necessary. Starbuzz brand boasts a five year limited warranty on this Hookah stem as each part of the Hookah stem is machine compressed to ensure lock tight seals and perfect finishes. This Starbuzz USA Made Hookah stem features heavy duty anodizing, as the paint finish will not corrode with water, heat, and normal every day use. Experience the future of Hookah pipes which are proudly made in the United States for your Hookah smoking pleasure. 


Starbuzz USA Hookahs are sold only as a stem and tray set. The Base, Hose, Bowl, Tongs, Grommets, and other standard Hookah Accessories are not included.