Starbuzz Bold Tobacco 250g

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Enjoy the world-famous taste of Starbuzz Shisha! Starbuzz is one of the world's most popular brands of hookah Flavored tobacco. Starbuzz remains on top by sticking to a mix of flavor innovation and high quality ingredients. Hookah smokers both new and experienced will love everything they have to offer.

Manufactured in the USA, all the premium lines by Starbuzz Shisha are available at in 100g and 250g sizes. Take a look and try something new from the Starbuzz Shisha for sale at!

Try the Premium line of Starbuzz Tobacco and join the biggest movement the hookah world has seen in years. Blue Mist, Code 69, Melon Blue, and Tangerine Dream make up some of Starbuzz Premium's most popular hookah flavors. But popularity isn't everything. Starbuzz rose in the ranks by offering classic fruit flavors with that trademark Starbuzz twist. From the sugary delight of Apple Cinnamon to the far-out Safari Melon Dew, there's no other manufacturer who does it like Starbuzz Tobacco.

Starbuzz Bold could not have been named better. This premium blend of exotic, never-before-mixed flavors are just the thing to make your smoke sessions stand out. Starbuzz Bold offers intense flavor that shakes the very foundations of hookah tobacco. From the tangy spray of Black Peach Mist to the perfect mild sweetness of White Chai, these bold Starbuzz flavors are pushing boundaries. Impress your palate with one of these today!

French Virginia Tobacco, honey, glycerin, and flavor

250g Can (.05% Nicotine)