Nakhla Mix Flavored Tobacco 250g

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To taste Nakhla Tobacco is to taste a hookah tradition. Since 1913, Nakhla Flavored Tobacco and Shisha has delighted hookah lovers all over the world. This premium blend of molasses and flavor has remained almost unchanged since the beginning.

Nakhla Tobacco is manufactured in Egypt and shipped to over 90 different countries. If you've somehow missed out on trying this best-selling hookah tobacco now's your chance! We at carry all of Nakhla's premium shisha lines. Check them out!

Take it from us-Nakhla Shisha been around long enough to know how to make a quality product! As one of the first companies to add flavor to hookah tobacco, Nakhla knows high quality ingredients make all the difference. Novice and experienced hookah smokers alike can enjoy great-tasting flavors like Apple, Caramel, and Peach. There are many more flavors to choose from; you'll have to grab several boxes just to try them all!

You've heard only stories about Nakhla's Sheherazade line of exotic hookah tobacco. You've heard about the intensity of its flavors, the richness of its smoke. Now, at, the stories are coming true. This line is perfect for exotic nighttime hookah sessions with your closest friends. Share a story and pass the hookah while sipping on Cardamom, Chocomint, Cinnamon, and Margarita.