Exotica Easy Lite Charcoal Box

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Exotica Easy Lite Hookah Coal is a semi quick lighting charcoal brand designed for Hookah smoking. These Charcoals are tasteless, odorless and do not interfere with the flavor of the tobacco. These charcoals are considered by the avid Hookah smoker to be one of the best Charcoals available on the market. It is recommended that two pieces of Exotica Easy Lite Hookah Charcoals be used for every average sized bowl of Flavored Tobacco. 
Each Box of the Exotica Easy Lite Hookah Coals contains 96 individual charcoals that are in the shape of cubes.

 Heat up your hookah session with quick lighting hookah charcoal. Easier to use than regular coals, quick lighting hookah charcoal can be quickly lit using a torch lighter or direct heating source. These coals are odorless, tasteless, and do not interfere with the quality of the smoke. Top quick lighting hookah charcoal brands to make smoking hookah easier than ever! Available in 33 and 40mm single rolls and boxes.