Ecocha Coconut Charcoal Flat 324 Piece Box

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Ecocha is one of the many brands of natural coconut charcoal on the market. Ecocha Coconut Charcoals in the Flat version are compressed into individual rectangles so they do not leave a lot of ash and to prevent the charcoal from rolling off the top of your Hookah Bowl. Ecocha Coals are natural and do not contain any quick lighting chemicals, being primarily used by either avid Hookah smokers or Hookah Lounges. These charcoals are specifically designed for Hookah smoking, as they are odorless, tasteless, do not contain any chemicals, and burn three times longer than most other Charcoals on the market.

 Ecocha Coconut Charcoal in the Flat version is available in a 16 Piece Box, 108 Piece Box, as well as a 324 Piece Box. The Ecocha 324 Piece Box allows for you to stock up on this authentic Coconut Charcoal at a reasonable price. It is recommended that you heat the charcoal on an electric stove or open flame before every smoke.