Aspire Proteus E-Hookah Replacement Heating Coil

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For anyone familiar with vape culture, Aspire is renowned for manufacturing prominent vape tanks like the Nautilus, Atlantis, and Triton. The Aspire Proteus E-Head Heating Coil is a replacement part intended for use with the Aspire Proteus E- Hookah Head device that is meant to be used with any hookah in place of the traditional hookah bowl. The heating coil in the 10ml capacity Pyrex tank designed for maximum airflow will eventually wear out and need to be replaced. The replacement coil is a threaded 0.25 ohms stainless steel single coil with OCC (Organic) cotton. To switch out the coils, simply unscrew the tank, remove the old coil, replace it with the new one, and screw the top back on - simple and easy. Never wash or wet your coil, just unscrew and switch out; if you need to clean this part, pour out the remaining e-liquid in the Flavor Tank and gently wipe the parts down using a soft cloth. When using a new coil, make sure to dampen it with someE-Juice beforehand and let it set for 2-3 minutes to prime it before use. This is a very important step that helps to prevent any unnecessary harshness or burnt taste from dry heating the cotton in the atomizer.