Al-Amir Flavored Tobacco 50g

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Al-Amir Premium flavored tobacco has been a part of the hookah world since 2004. For the first 6 years, they imported from the Middle East but decided to relocate in 2010 to the U.S. in the state of California so they could have ownership in every aspect of their products quality control. Because of this, they are able to ensure all the ingredients used are FDA approved and it allows them to deliver the freshest product possible. Their motto is, "We make our customer's needs our number one priority. There is nothing more important to us than serving our customers quality products in an efficient manner."

Al-Amir has a ton of flavors to choose from and their 250 gram jars allow for Hookah users to smoke several times a month or with large groups of friends. This size is packaged in a resealable tub with a secondary inner package that is sealed and will keep your shisha fresh without the need of an additional air tight container.

Al-Amir has a fine chop and is dyed red. It is super juicy so it produces the best results when using a normal pack in a phunnel bowl; just sprinkle in the tobacco producing a fluff pack and lightly pat down until all stray leaves are smoothed out and it reaches the edge of the rim. It is recommended to start with 3 hookah coal depending on the size of the hookah bowl you are using and work your way up if you want more heat.