About Us


Holy Smoke Hookahs started with the absolute love and appreciation for hookah and vape. We just really enjoyed the culture of hookah. We also saw how it could just bring all types of people together into one place. It is such a beautiful thing to see many cultures and nationalities share the same hookah and talk about things that are important to them. We watched as local hookah lounges had become a second home for many people including us here at Holy Smoke Hookahs. We figured that if this phenomenon was happening in our community then maybe other communities around the world could appreciate this. And, since we could not be in more than one place at a time creating awesome vibes we decided to open an online store where we could share this culture with everyone across the globe. More importantly we wanted to make it affordable for just about any person . For us here at Holy Smoke Hookahs it is not the money we are concerned about. It is the good times, the funny stories, the laughs, and the relationships built over a hookah or vape that we care about. So, with that in mind we want you to enjoy holy smoke hookahs and to feel like your at home when you visit our store because to us you are family.

Our team is always working hard to meet your needs. And while our competitors may occasionally offer a lower price, Holysmokehookahs.com is known to offer the best overall experience - the right combination of service, value and products that you've requested. 

As we continue to evolve our site and company every day to address your needs, your suggestions and comments are always welcome.