Hookah Vases

If you smoke hookh a lot, two things may eventually happen that will lead you to start looking at new hookah vases. First, you may end up damaging your current hookah vase on accident. Second, you may grow tired of your hookah vase, prompting you to seek out something new and exciting.

Every hookah lover has a particular style or preference when it comes to the hookah they smoke from. Some prefer the elegance of a glass hookah vase, while others will stand by the reliability of an acrylic vase. Both have distinct qualities that make them appealing, but they all share a vital trait beautiful craftsmanship meant to enhance the hookah experience.

Our hookah vases are made from high quality glass and durable acrylic materials. A glass hookah vase is a great choice for those with authentic taste, while acrylic vases for hookahs can easily meet the needs of more frequent hookah smokers due to their increased durability. The sizes, shapes, and designs of our hookah vases vary greatly, from unique octagonal shapes to designs featuring handmade Egyptian designs.