Hookah Hoses

Choose your hookah hose from holysmokehookahs.com and spice up your smoke session! A handpicked hookah hose can take your enjoyment to the next level. Hookah hoses offer you a more colorful way to enjoy hookah, making your sessions just as exciting as the delicious hookah flavors you smoke!

Choose from an array of exciting hookah hoses in a wide range of shapes. Outlandish Dragon and King Cobra heads can serve your fantastical tastes. Or choose more traditionally shaped Sheik and Taj hoses for a more refined, authentic experience. If you're looking for convenience, try a silicone hookah hose. Vapor Hookahs makes the Vapor Grand Hose that disassembles for easy washing. These hookah hoses leave no plastic aftertaste behind. You'll still get nothing but that great hookah flavor when you smoke!