Herbal Shisha( Non Tobacco)


At  holy smoke hookahs we have worked hard to find the best herbal offerings for your enjoyment. Herbal shisha is quickly gaining popularity in the hookah world as the preferred shisha tobacco free option. We bring you the best herbal shisha that is 100% tobacco free, nicotine free, and tar free to give you the smoothest, most natural smoking experience. It's the kind of hookah smoke you've always deserved but have been unable to get online, that is, until now.

 We offer herbal options in top brands like Al-Fakher, Fantasia, and Hydro herbal shisha. When you choose a top brand, you know that you're not only getting the cleanest smoke, you're also getting the best herbal shisha on the market from some of the finest companies in the business. Our herbal offerings are available in 50g and 200g packs with the same flavors you know and love from your favorite shisha brands.If you,ve been looking for a brand new tobacco free hookah experience, you can't go wrong with herbal shisha. All-natural is "in" right now, making it the perfect time to join this global phenomenon and see what all the buzz is about! These types of shishas has also gained a lot of attention for providing long-lasting enjoyment, which gets you a lot of bang for your buck!

What Makes Herbal Shisha Different?

Ever wondered how herbal shisha differs from other kinds of tobacco hookah flavors? Like other shishas, herbal shisha is made from molasses. However, herbal shisha ingredients do not contain any tobacco, nicotine, or tar. Shisha herbal offers you an organic, all-natural alternative to tobacco that is every bit as exotic as its various flavors.

Shisha herbal is made from the finest organic herbs and flavoring available to give you a unique taste every time you smoke. Smoking herbal shisha is an experience unto its own, and you owe it to yourself to try out our many tobacco free hookah flavors.