At Holy Smoke Hookahs we specialize in offering a wide variety of natural hookah coals to suit all types of smokers. Our natural wood coals are some of the finest available anywhere on the market. Many natural hookah charcoals are made from lemon wood trees. (Coconut coals are growing more popular, but more on that later!) Wood hookah coal is great for smoking hookah over long periods of time, as they take several minutes to heat. Wood hookah charcoal offers you a natural way to smoke your herbal shisha or tobacco. When you want to have an authentic smoke experience in your own home, these traditional wood hookah coals are hard to beat.


We also carry a variety of exotic coconut charcoal offerings for your hookah. This type of shisha coal is gaining serious recognition as one of the hottest new ways to smoke hookah! Coconut charcoal is a great hookah charcoal alternative because they don't need to be ashed off or rotated on the bowl. They are made from ultra-fine ground coconut shells to give you a long-lasting, even smoke, and their unique shape allows for ultimate and continued stoke throughout your smoke.

Top brands such as CocoNara and Starbuzz's CocoBuzz are leading the coconut coal revolution. This is a unique hookah coal that you should experience at least once in your lifetime. Many of our customers have tried coconut coals and have never gone back!